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As we search the depths of the love that took Jesus to the Cross, we will find strength for our own trials
A new translation of a spiritual classic for a new generation of believers.

Readers say:  

Full of new and amazing insights. Everything has so much meaning and application to my life and relationship with Jesus.    Australia

I saw myself in all the major players of the Passion. I felt with Him the pain. I saw into His heart. And I was awed by the love that nothing could kill. It has been like going on a pilgrimage. Challenging, but deeply rewarding.    UK


Shine Light into my Darkness


Where is my God now?

Do you ever ask yourself: “Where is God?

I can’t find Him anywhere – he’s like a stranger.

I don’t understand.

Didn’t he promise never to leave me or forsake me?

Yet he seems absent, leaving me desolate, with no way ahead and no help in sight.”

Find answers to these and many of life’s questions from Mother Basilea’s own experience with God in this inspirational book.


*Mother Basilea is a straight shooter. Every one of my questions was addressed, but with a graciousness and empathy that gave me hope.

Late one night I was about to take my life. At the last moment I called a friend overseas. She hadn’t a clue as to my intentions. Suddenly, there and then, she read me a section out of this book. It stopped me in my tracks. Not long afterwards I got the whole message, and it saved my life. Day after day I find myself absorbing and reabsorbing the words of hope, and my whole thought pattern has changed. (New Zealand).

* ‘I’ve begun devouring Mother Basilea’s book SHINE LIGHT INTO MY DARKNESS and sense a great anointing on it. It seems a very effective tool for the dark days in which we’re living, and it has been speaking deeply into my heart…’ (U.K.)


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